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Mortal Shell beta is open for everyone

Mortal Shell beta is open for everyone

It's quite likely that you may have not heard of Mortal Shell before but exactly the opposite will happen if we talk about Dark Souls. Cold Symmetry seems to be doing great with the development of their upcoming action role-playing game and they have announced that the Mortal Shell beta is now open for anyone due to popular demand. The game has a vibe that all of the fans of the Dark Souls series will recognize and it will feel very familiar to them. Of course, it's not the same game, the story is different, graphics are different, and so on, but Mortal Shell still reminisces of the games created by From Software, and we have to say that it does it in a very good way.



We can't comment on the final state of Mortal Shell because the game is currently undergoing a beta phase, so it will need some time before it's ready to be released. Even like that, the game experience is quite solid right now, and you can give it a try yourself because everyone can access the beta right now. All you have to do to participate is visit the page of the game on Epic Games Store and sign up for the beta, which you can do it for free, of course.



The game seems to be as difficult as Dark Souls so get ready to die quite a few times and prepare to master the different weapons and combat styles that you can use in Mortal Shell if you want to survive when you fight against the awesome-looking enemies that you will have to face. If you like Mortal Shell and want to compare it with From Software's game, you should visit our comparator to find the best prices to purchase any of the Dark Souls games. 

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