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Meet some of the main characters in Immortals of Aveum

Meet some of the main characters in Immortals of Aveum

Although Immortals of Aveum is going to be a magic-based FPS with action at its core, the game also features an interesting storyline that will get you to uncover the mysteries of Aveum's past while you are embarked on an epic experience. Developer Ascendant Studios has already shown some of the game's mechanics, including its magic system with three different colors of magic, and its exciting gameplay. Now it's offering the fans an opportunity to discover more about the story in the game with a new trailer that shows an in-game cinematic.

A dramatic story

Securing the Binding Stone reveals a part of the story in Immortals of Aveum and introduces three of the main characters in the game. Jak is the protagonist, your alter ego in the game, and an exceptional mage capable of wielding the three colors of magic. When he unexpectedly returns from a mission with a powerful stone that should have been destroyed, he and field commander Zendara have to face the consequences of his decision and explain the reasons behind his actions to one of the most powerful characters on his in the Everwar: Kirkan, leader of the Immortals and the King’s Marshall of Lucium’s defenses.



The video hints at more things happening in the game besides a challenging fight against the forces commanded by the tyrant that governs the neighboring country, Sandrak. It's good to know that Immortals of Aveum will feature an engaging story with a solid narrative on its side rather than just being an FPS game with a poor excuse of an epic tale about a war fought by powerful mages where you just blast your way through hordes of enemies just for the sake of it.

In any case, we will have to wait a bit longer until we can experience all of that. The release of the game is scheduled for August 22 after being delayed one month, and Ascendant Studios will probably reveal more things about it in the coming weeks. Meanwhile, you can check out the best deals on Immortals of Aveum codes for PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X/S with our comparator.

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