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Watch Immortals of Aveum's first gameplay trailer

Watch Immortals of Aveum's first gameplay trailer

Electronic Arts surprised us recently with the announcement of a new FPS that will hit the shelves soon. Immortals of Aveum is an exciting experience where you take the role of an orphan that has been turned into a deadly battlemage. Your capability of using three different colors of magic (blue for Strength, green for Life, and red for Chaos) makes you stand out among your peers because it offers you access to a wide range of spells to tackle any situation. 

A colorful magic adventure

Immortals of Aveum is a story-driven adventure for a single player that will have you fighting against countless enemies with your spells. Developer Ascendant Studios has released a new trailer for the game that is focused on its gameplay mechanics. The six minutes of footage in the video reveal that you will be able to use your magic for different purposes. You can, blast your enemies with a variety of rays and projectiles, summon barriers to protect yourself from harm, and even conjure an energy tendril that you can use as a grappling hook. You can also wield different types of magic on each hand and use sigils, rings, and totems to empower your magic and adapt it to your favorite playstyle. 



Combat is fast-paced and dynamic in Immortals of Aveum, but it also requires you to master a good number of spells. Experimenting with them to find the best combinations and effects will be the key to finding your own pace in the game and becoming the most powerful Magus. The video shows a good number of them but we will have to wait a bit longer to know more about the details of the casting system in the game and its limits.

The release of Immortals of Aveum is scheduled for this summer. The game will launch on July 20 for PlayStation 5, Windows PC, and Xbox Series X. You will be able to buy your Immortals of Aveum code at the best price with our comparator ahead of release.

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