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Capcom launches a massive patch for Street Fighter V

Capcom launches a massive patch for Street Fighter V

Street Fighter V has been out for a while, and it has grown to be loved as one of the best installments in the renowned fighting game series from Capcom. The game perfectly represents the evolution of the fighting genre over the years. It adds plenty of new features but maintains the basics that have made the series a success. Street Fighter V itself has also evolved since it was released. The Champion Edition and the Season Pass enhanced the gameplay experience with new features and plenty of new characters, like Luke, who was added last November.

The Definitive Update

But Capcom still had plenty of things to change in the game, and the final update for Street Fighter V includes all of them. The Japanese developer has launched the "Definitive Update", a massive patch with 79 pages full of quality of life changes and more. The update size is impressive and adds some novelties, but the most surprising thing is that it makes adjustments to many movements and attacks for the majority of characters in the game. All these changes will undoubtedly have a deep impact on the current meta of Street Fighter V.



Other than that, the patch also brings some novelties to the game. The most significant is a new cell shading filter that changes the game's overall look by adding depth and sharpness to the characters and their animations. 

With this update, Capcom seems to be leaving behind Street Fighter V to focus on the development of the recently announced Street Fighter 6. It will take some time for the new game to be ready. Therefore,  all the fans of the series will be able to enjoy Street Fighter V for a while, especially next summer, as it will be one of the titles present at the EVO 2022, the most important fighting game competition worldwide. 



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