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Luke, Street Fighter V's latest fighter, gets a gameplay trailer

Luke, Street Fighter V's latest fighter, gets a gameplay trailer

Earlier today, Capcom released the gameplay trailer for Luke, the last fighter in Street Fighter V's Season 5 Character Pass. Luke is hitting the arena also today.

The trailer shows more of the character in action, beating the crap out of Ryu and Guile and showing off both his normal moves and counter moves as well as his V-Shift abilities.

Officially unveiled in August, Luke is a first-time character in the franchise whose fighting style focuses on strong punches while advancing forward with each new impact. Players should take advantage of this skill set to close the gap and use an aggressive stance to pummel down their opponents.

With Luke's arrival in the game, Street Fighter V finally concludes its 5-year journey filled with ups and downs, with a troubled launch in 2016 for PC and PlayStation 4 but with subsequent updates and evolutions over time.

Last week, Capcom did a special broadcast detailing the news from this year-end's big update to the game, sharing a bit about Luke's backstory and hinting at new information regarding the future of Street Fighter. We all know that Street Fighter VI is on its way, and that is just a matter of time before being officially announced.

"Luke is an important character who will be featured in the next Street Fighter project, so we hope you will try him out when he's released in Street Fighter V," producer Shuhei Matsumoto said.

The director Takayuki Nakayama added:

"For us, Street Fighter V has been a project with peaks and valleys, but thanks to our fans, we've been able to accomplish what we aimed for. We, the development team, will use this experience as a springboard to move on to the next project."

And to further stir the spirits of the fighting game fans, the producer concluded:

"While this is the end of this digital showcase series for Street Fighter V, this is more of a "see you soon" rather than a "goodbye. We look forward to providing you more information next year."

The odds appear to be on the players' side after this announcement. So while we wait for the next installment in one of the most famous franchises in gaming, check out the Street Fighter V deals. We also monitor deals of the game's Season Passes to bolster it with a more diverse cast of fighters if you're excited.

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