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Street Fighter V is getting new characters

Street Fighter V is getting new characters

Street Fighter probably is the first franchise that comes to everyone's mind when thinking of fighting games. The first game in the Street Fighter series was liked but its sequel became one of the most popular fighting games of all time when its arcade version appeared in 1991, and it was followed by other versions on different platforms. From there, developer Capcom has continued innovating and adding new features to the games in the series, reaching its culmination with the release of Street Fighter V. Although the game was released in 2016, it has taken Capcom a bit longer to release the current version, Street Fighter V: Champion Edition which comes with most of the content available for the game, including cosmetic options. But it seems that the Japanese developer wants to prolong the life of their latest creation and they have just announced some of the new characters that will be added to the game during a new season.



Five different characters will be added to Street Fighter V starting this winter and through 2021. Dan Hibiki will be the first one to arrive to the game at some point before the year ends and he will be followed by the fortuneteller Rose, who will be available in Spring 2021. Oro will be playable a few months later and then Akira Kazama will join the roster of fighters in Street Fighter V. There is a fifth character who is to be revealed yet, and we can't wait to find out who is it. Of course, those fighters will bring along with them new movements and mechanics, costumes for them and other characters, and even some new stages, starting with a new Capcom Pro Tour stage that will be added when Dan Hibiki is released.



If you want to find out why Street Fighter is so popular, you can do it for free right now. There is a trial that you can play for free on PlayStation 4 and Steam. It gives you access to all the 40 fighters available in the game right now and it will be running until August 19th. Remember to visit our comparator if you decide that you like Street Fighter V and you want to purchase it at the best price.

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