Little Nightmares II demo is available on PC

Little Nightmares II demo is available on PC

It's often said that everything small is cute, but that statement couldn't be more wrong when it comes to Little Nightmares II. The launch of the game was originally scheduled for 2020 but it has been pushed back like it has happened to many other games this year. The new release date is February 11, 2021, on PC, PS4 and PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and Nintendo Switch. 

If you're one of those people who can't wait for Little Nightmares II, you'll be pleased to hear that a demo is available for free on Steam. It allows you to meet Mono, the new character in the game and lets you play for about thirty minutes. The demo is currently only available on Valve's platform, but it is expected to arrive on consoles a little later. 



Unlike its predecessor, Little Nightmares II will not put us in the shoes of Six, the little girl in the yellow raincoat. This time we will play as Mono, a young boy. In Little Nightmares, Six managed to escape from the Den and we will find her in the new installment too, but she will be controlled by the computer. Besides the fact that we will be controlling Mono instead of Six, Little Nightmares II is also different because this time we will be able to play outdoors. This is where the game begins, in the forest, before Mono meets Six in the hut of Hunter, one of the game's bosses. Both will have to cooperate to make their way to the Black Tower and face the Diffuser. Having to guide a pair of characters will breathe new life into the gameplay of the game, which skilfully blends platforms and puzzles. You will be able to perform actions that were impossible before, like using Mono and Six to move larger objects. Little Nightmares II will also feature the same horrific atmosphere as the first game, which will continue to provide a full immersion as you navigate through the nightmarish scenarios of the game.

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