Like a Dragon: Ishin! will feature mini-games and trooper cards

Like a Dragon: Ishin! will feature mini-games and trooper cards

With its February release closing in, we’re getting more details about the upcoming samurai epic from the makers of Yakuza, Like a Dragon: Ishin! Firstly, the game will feature various mini-games that are sure to make your romp through the Bakumatsu era of Japan much more interesting. Second, the game will also feature a trooper cards system, which will make you more dangerous in combat

A game within a game

Like a Dragon: Ishin! Isn’t the type of game that takes itself too seriously, which is why it features a lot of whimsical mini-games that you can play during your downtime. Check out the mini-game trailer now.



You can play several traditional Japanese card and dice games, such as Koi-Koi, Cho-Han, and Oicho-Kabu. But that’s not all: you can also run an Udon shop, place wagers on a chicken racing game, join a sake drinking contest, play Rock Paper Scissors, and even sing at a medieval version of karaoke, complete with lyrics! 

Another feature fans are sure to enjoy is the option to use trooper cards. In the original game, these cards provided some small buffs. In the remake, though, they can give you amazing powers like energy blasts or sword swings that can hit a wide area. You can also upgrade them to increase their power. 

While some trooper cards are based on Yakuza characters such as Ichiban Kasuga, the Elite General cards will feature real-life personalities including AEW Kenny Omega, Youtuber Alex Moukala, actor Rahul Kohli, and more. This is the first time an RGG Studios game will feature real-life celebrities. 

Like a Dragon: Ishin! Will release on February 23, 2023 for PC, PS5 and PS4, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S. You can save yourself a bit of money by pre-ordering a Like a Dragon: Ishin! PS5 code from our comparator.

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