Help Liberate France in a new turn-based tactical WWII game Classified: France ‘44

Help Liberate France in a new turn-based tactical WWII game Classified: France ‘44

Join the struggle of the French Resistance as the leader of an Allied special ops unit in Team17’s newest release, Classified: France ‘44. A turn-based tactical war game set in the waning days of World War II, it will launch for PC, Xbox Series X|S, and PS5 later this year. Check out the trailer for Classified: France ‘44 right now:



Behind enemy lines

Classified: France ‘44 puts you in command of the Jedburghs, a historical special ops team composed of British, American, and French commandos who parachuted into Northern France to aid the Resistance in the battle against their Nazi occupiers. Specializing in sabotage and guerilla warfare, the Jedburghs provided the Resistance with links to Allied Command and helped to weaken the Nazis ahead of D-Day.

Being a turn-based game, Classified: France ‘44 somewhat resembles XCOM 2 and the upcoming tactics game The Lamplighters League. There is an “emphasis on the use of stealth to complete missions,” which means that for the initial portion of each mission, you can take actions to shape the battle ahead, such as assassinations and sabotage of military equipment. 

Inevitably, you will get into a firefight, which is where the tactics part comes in. You can engage enemies using an “enhanced overwatch ability that provides further tactical options,” and you can pin enemies down with suppressive fire to let your forces flank them. 

This also ties in with another intriguing element of Classified: France ‘44—a morale system where “every shot counts.” Apparently, how your team performs affects enemy morale: if you can break their will to fight, you can overrun them and deal a finishing blow. Be warned, the reverse can also apply to your forces. 

There is no firm release date yet for this game, but we'll let you know once there is. Meanwhile, you can keep watch on our listings for a Classified: France ‘44 PC key.

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