Learn more about Far Cry 6 story in a brand new video

Learn more about Far Cry 6 story in a brand new video

Nothing contributes more to making a game memorable than the main antagonist in the story. The weight of that character's personality alone can offset any number of flaws and even gameplay issues, making a story both believable and unique and posing a real challenge that you eagerly desire to overcome by any means. This could well be the case with Anton Castillo in Far Cry 6. The dictatorship interpreted by Giancarlo Esposito already left the fans of the first-person shooter series impressed in the announcement video. By lecturing his son about the joys and woes of power while leaving a grenade in his hands that he was supposed to drop on some rebels, Anton Castillo demonstrated that he would do anything to keep ruling the Caribbean island of Yara with an iron hand. But that was just a tiny glimpse of the kind of tyrant that the players will have to face in Far Cry 6.

A new video published yesterday allows you to delve a bit deeper into the personality of the ruthless dictator, thanks to a press interview that reveals a few things about his past and shows a lot about his methods. For him, prosperity seems to be a good enough reason to justify his way of governing Yara, no matter if he has turned the inhabitants of the peaceful island into slaves. Of course, many do not share his vision, like you in the role of Dani Rojas, who will raise the banner of revolution to overthrow the tyrant and destroy his legacy by any means. The video also displays plenty of action, as you can expect to find in Far Cry 6.



Far Cry 6 will feature a thrilling story, guerrilla warfare, new weapons, vehicles and animal companions, and more. Get ready to take the fight to the streets of Esperanza and battle the regime with all your heart once the next installment in the Far Cry series is out on October 7.

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