Layers of Fear scares with new 11-minute trailer

Layers of Fear scares with new 11-minute trailer

The year of remakes continues with Layers of Fear—not to be confused with the original Layers of Fear from 2016. The Bloober Team has developed a remake that combines the original game, its Inheritance DLC, and Layers of Fear 2 to create a “psychedelic horror chronicle.” As added content, all the episodes are bookended by a new character, the Writer, who apparently “ties each entry in the series together.”

Check out the Layers of Fear remake gameplay trailer here:



A walking simulator with some puzzle elements, the original Layers of Fear focuses on a struggling Artist coming back to his mansion, where something horrific may or may not have happened. While working on his latest masterpiece, he is continually forced to wander through his labyrinthine home, which changes before his very eyes and is filled from top to bottom with jumpscares that more than hint at his fragile grip on reality. 

The psychedelic tour continues with the DLC Inheritance, where the Artist’s daughter returns to her home and experiences a similarly hallucinative journey where she has a choice between forgiving his father or damning him. 

Layers of Fear 2 puts you in the shoes of the Actor, invited to do a film shoot on an ocean liner by an enigmatic director. However, the tale takes another unfortunate turn for the weird when you are forced to travel through the bowels of the ship alone, experiencing vivid horrifying visions that make you question your sanity. Is it part of the shoot or are you going mad?

As mentioned, Layers of Fear takes advantage of Unreal Engine 5 to provide enhanced graphics complete Ray Tracing, HDR effects, 4K resolution, and the Lumen system, raising the bar to a new level of horror.

There isn’t a release date yet for Layers of Fear, but the developers have stated that it'll be launching in June for the PC, Xbox Series X/S, and PlayStation 5. You can pick up a Layers of Fear PC key from our comparator.

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