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Last Epoch abandons Early Access next month

Last Epoch abandons Early Access next month

Last Epoch became a hit on Steam shortly after it began its journey through Early Access in 2019. Several years and thousands of positive reviews later, the ARPG title from Eleventh Hour Games seems to be ready for its final release on PC. The studio has confirmed the official release date for Last Epoch, which will exit Early Access on February 21. Also, a spectacular launch trailer serves as a preview of the exciting gameplay and thrilling action that have caught the eye of millions of players already.



Who needs Diablo 4?

In Last Epoch, you explore the past of the world of Eterra as a hero who tries to save the future by travelling back in time to alter his timeline and save it from The Void. With five unique classes to choose from and over a thousand skill trees to develop your character as you level, the game offers you a wide range of options and varied gameplay. Last Epoch has been acclaimed for its crafting system, which allows you to upgrade the equipment you get and offers you full control over the progression of your character, making it significantly different from other titles in the genre, like Diablo 4 or Path of Exile. Endless replayability and no pay-to-win shortcuts complete a formula that appeals to a huge community.

The upcoming release of Last Epoch will come alongside a big patch that will add several features. Also, those who own any of the editions of the game ahead of release will get an exclusive “Golden Guppy” Baby Chronowyrm cosmetic pet. Of course, both the Deluxe and Ultimate editions of Last Epoch come with a variety of bonus items for those interested, including cosmetic items, the original soundtrack, and more.

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