Kirby and the Forgotten Land presents the Mouthful Mode

Kirby and the Forgotten Land presents the Mouthful Mode

Long-time fans of Kirby games already know that their favorite pink hero is able to inhale all kinds of enemies to expel them as projectiles later. It has been Kirby's signature ability since he appeared for the first time on a Nintendo game. He can also inhale air to inflate himself and fly like a balloon, which comes in as quite a handy ability as Kirby games are usually platformers. But the latest footage about Kirby and the Forgotten Land, shown yesterday during a Nintendo Direct, reveal an exciting new feature in the upcoming game: the Mouthful Mode.

What's the Mouthful Mode?

For the first time in any game starring Kirby, he is able to inhale and embody all kinds of objects to gain special abilities, which will prove to be quite valuable to explore the Forgotten Lands and fight against new enemies. Each object inhaled by Kirby will grant him a different ability. He can, for example, inhale a car to travel faster and run over enemies or a vending machine to expel goods like a machine gun. Kirby and the Forgotten Land will feature a wide variety of objects that you can swallow. Finding them and learning how to put each ability to the best use will be totally up to you, but this new feature adds a lot of gameplay options seen before in any other Kirby game.



The release of Kirby and the Forgotten Land is scheduled for March 25 on Nintendo Switch exclusively. The 3D action platformer created by HAL Laboratory will bring back our favorite pink puffball as he tries to rescue the Waddle Dees from some evil captors once more. As usual, the best way of buying Kirby and the Forgotten Land cheap is by using our comparator to find the best video game deals.

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