Kirby and the Forgotten Land trailer and release date

Kirby and the Forgotten Land trailer and release date

Nintendo revealed thatKirby and the Forgotten Land will be released exclusively for Switch on March 25. In addition to the date announcement, a new trailer for the game was also released. The trailer shows off the combat, the new absorption powers, and its co-op mode. A second player can take control of a Bandana Waddle Dee to take on enemies alongside Kirby.

Officially revealed at the September 2021 Nintendo Direct, Kirby and the Forgotten Land, the adorable little pink ball finds himself in a mysterious world abandoned by an ancient civilization, which closely resembles our own, judging by the buildings and shopping malls.



Kirby and the Forgotten Land gameplay

With their unique abilities and absorption powers, Kirby's mission is to rescue the Waddle Dees kidnapped by the villains known as the Beast Pack. The game seems to take Super Mario Odyssey's gameplay style and enhance it to offer a fun experience full of possibilities, with a sprawling map covered in secrets that the player must unlock on their own. 

The Waddle Dee Town is among the numerous places you can explore in Kirby and the Forgotten Land. This central hub acts as a base that develops as the player rescues more Waddle Dees around the map. 

The latest mainline game released was Kirby Star Allies in 2019, followed by a free multiplayer game and a fighting game. The Kirby series turns 30 years old on April 27, 2022, when the first Kirby's Dream Land was released for the Game Boy. Via the series' official Japan Twitter account, other varieties of activities and news have been promised for the occasion and should be revealed soon.

While we can promise the best deals for Kirby and the Forgotten Land game keys, they aren't available yet. But keep your eyes peeled because they will be available ahead of the launch.

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