Kena: Bridge of Spirits launches on Steam next month

Kena: Bridge of Spirits launches on Steam next month

Kena: Bridge of Spirits was one of the big announcements on the PS5 reveal. A spectacular trailer served as the introduction to a fantasy world populated by mysterious creatures where a little girl has to fight nightmarish enemies in order to fulfill her job as a spirit guide. Amazing graphics that looked like they were taken from an animation movie, a group of cute little creatures that accompany Kena in her endeavors, immersive gameplay full of action, and exciting combats are the highlights of a great game that has caught the attention of many players. But Kena: Bridge of Spirits is about to get better with new features.

Kena: Bridge of Spirits is currently available on PlayStation consoles and PC via Epic Games Store exclusively. As usually happens with many games, the exclusivity deal is coming to an end next month, and the game will launch on Steam. The release on Valve's platform of the game will come accompanied by a huge patch that will add some novelties. Players who have finished the game already will be able to join a more challenging adventure in New Game+ mode, which will include new enemies too. Kena: Bridge of Spirits will celebrate its anniversary on September 27 with a new storyline and the Spirit Guide Trials, a series of challenges that will allow you to unlock new abilities and outfits for Kena. 



If you are yet to discover Kena: Bridge of Spirits, its anniversary will be a great opportunity to discover the game and embark yourself in an epic adventure and explore an intriguing fantasy world. Feel free to visit our comparator if you want to check out the best deals and buy your Kena: Bridge of Spirits PC key cheap anytime.

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