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It Takes Two lands on Switch tomorrow

It Takes Two lands on Switch tomorrow

Back in September, Nintendo announced that one of the most original co-op games was going to be available on Nintendo Switch soon. We are talking about It Takes Two, of course. The story of a divorced couple that is turned into dolls due to the wish of their daughter who wants them to stay together is an exciting co-op adventure. In fact, It Takes Two is so good that it won the Game of the Year award at The Game Awards. Not only it's original and imaginative but it also pits a pair of players against plenty of challenges specially designed to be solved in co-op mode. After all, It Takes Two is the story of a couple whose relationship is in shambles but that gets restored through a very special adventure.



Hazelight Studios caught everyone by surprise with such a risky bet, as It Takes Two is a game to be enjoyed by two players exclusively, online or on split-screen local mode. Leaving aside solo players could have meant that many wouldn't risk buying it, but it turns out that the game has become a big hit with more than 7 million copies sold. Unfortunately, the game isn't available on Nintendo Switch yet, which is kind of weird considering that it's the type of game that would take advantage of the capabilities of the console to a great extent. 

Fortunately, the long-awaited date is about to arrive and It Takes Two will launch on Nintendo Switch tomorrow. If you want to join Cody and May and give them a hand restoring their relationship by taking on Hakim's challenges, the best price to buy your It Takes Two Switch code is on our comparator. 

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