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Humankind's first expansion enhances diplomacy

Humankind's first expansion enhances diplomacy

Humankind is a 4X strategy game that offers players an experience that reminisces games like Civilization VI at first glance. Once you immerse yourself into the game from Amplitude Studios, you start noticing that it's far from the same type of experience. The game focuses on cultures rather than civilizations, historical figures take a more prominent role, the winning conditions are different, and combats are quite different, as you have to take into account the benefits of occupying a higher position. Overall, Humankind does a great job delivering a type of experience that is quite familiar to the fans of the genre and adds a series of gameplay mechanics and tweaks that feel like a breath of fresh air in a genre that has not seen many changes lately.

After a successful release, Amplitude Studios is expanding Humankind with new features that will arrive in its first expansion. Together We Rule will arrive this autumn to enhance several aspects of the game and add six new wonders and six new cultures to Humankind ( Bulgarians, Han Chinese, Scots, Singaporeans, Sumerians, and Swiss). Diplomacy and espionage systems will be revamped with a series of additions that include the Congress of Humankind, Embassies, and Agents.



The Congress is a forum where you can discuss and vote inititatives with a global impact. It can also mediate international conflicts, making diplomacy a very solid strategic option. Meanwhile, Embassies will be an important element in espionage. You can use them to force certain actions on different factions. To do so, you will need to spend Leverage, a new type of currency that can be gained by your Agents.

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