Humankind's new DLC takes you to Africa

Humankind's new DLC takes you to Africa

The growth and expansions of human civilizations across different eras are usually the main themes of many 4X strategy games. Games like Civilization VI and Humankind are very good examples of the case, and it's the latter one that occupies us today. The grand strategy game developed by Amplitude Studios is different from other titles in the genre because it allows you to develop your own civilization by choosing elements from different cultures in every era. As a result, the number of possible combinations and ways to strategically approach the gameplay is quite large. 

Humankind features quite a few cultures to choose from, but it's about to get an additional one with the launch of the Cultures of Africa DLC, which will be the first paid expansion for the game. You can watch the announcement video below. 


What does the Cultures of Africa DLC bring to the game?

Humankind allows you to develop your civilization through six different eras, and the Cultures of Africa DLC brings an additional culture for you to choose on each of them. 


  • Era 1 - Bantu (Expansionist): The Bantu expansion is a postulated series of major migrations of an original Ntu-speaking group from Central- West-Africa across much of sub-Saharan Africa.
  • Era 2 - Garamantes (Agrarian): The Garamantes emerged as a major regional power in the mid-second century AD. Their growth and expansion rested on a complex and extensive qanat irrigation system (known as foggaras in Berber), which supported a strong agricultural economy and large population.
  • Era 3 - Swahili (Merchant): The rise of the Swahili coast city-states can be largely attributed to the region's extensive participation in a trade network that spanned the Indian Ocean.
  • Era 4 - Maasai (Agrarian): A fierce pastoralist people with a Nilotic (rather than Bantu or Swahili) language. For the Maasai, achieving warrior status meant single-handedly killing a lion with a spear.
  • Era 5 - Ethiopians (Militarist): During the Scramble for Africa, Ethiopia and Liberia were the only two nations that preserved their sovereignty from long-term colonization by a European colonial power. By weaving the natural cliffs and ledges into the creation of their fortresses, Ethiopia was able to fend off most colonial forces.
  • Era 6 - Nigerians (Agrarian): Nigeria unites a wide variety of cultures under the rule of one state. The variety of its terrain and the abundance of its hydraulic resources offer it significant agricultural possibilities and make it one of West Africa's foremost producers.


Those of you already playing Humankind are probably thinking of the benefits that those cultures will bring to your games, but the Cultures of Africa DLC also includes several new Wonders for you to build and a series of new narrative events that will add more variety to your games.



The Cultures of Africa DLC will launch on January 20, and it will be available on PC. You can find the best price to buy your Humankind PC key on our comparator anytime if you are yet to discover the game, but we encourage you to try the free demo of the game that you can access on Epic Games Store Steam before you buy it.

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