Horror game The Chant to release only on next-gen consoles and PC

Horror game The Chant to release only on next-gen consoles and PC

Announced way back in E3 2021, The Chant is best described by developer Brass Token and publisher Prime Matter as a “psychedelic action horror” game. It explores cosmic horror and spirituality gone horribly wrong, as shown in this teaser trailer: 



The Chant takes place on a remote island controlled by some form of cult. Members all congregate at a domed shelter, wear the same white uniforms, and go on a journey for spiritual enlightenment. Of course, things start to go very wrong as the rituals on the island open a gateway to the Gloom, an otherworldly place that feeds on negative energy. Much like Silent Hill 2, the entity absorbs the group’s fears and turns them into reality. Now, you have to survive by fighting off the creatures and reasoning with other survivors until you can find a way to escape the island.  

The Chant features different types of gameplay. You can fight the cosmic horrors by using spiritual weapons and supernatural abilities. You can also pick your battles and either stealth your way past danger or flee from it. You can also collect resources to craft tools that may help protect you. Meditation also appears to be a mechanic that gives you spiritual powers, though we’ll have to wait and see what abilities you can get.

While this sounds very interesting, there’s some bad news as well. Brass Token’s recent press release states that The Chant will only be available for PS5, Xbox Series S|X, or PC, at least for now.



So, unfortunately, we don’t know if plans for Gen 8 consoles will push through. Similarly, the WB game Gotham Knights has also prioritized next-gen consoles. This might be the start of a trend that will see older gen consoles being left behind. 

According to Brass Token’s website, The Chant is coming out in October 2022. Check out our comparator for the best prices for a The Chant PC code


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