Hood: Outlaws and Legends will get a PvE mode

Hood: Outlaws and Legends will get a PvE mode

Hood: Outlaws and Legends offers you a unique combination of mechanics to delve into the criminal world of the Middle Ages like no other game. It allows you to group with other robbers for heists in which you have to steal treasure from a heavily defended tower. The catch is that you will have to compete with another gang that is attempting to do the same. Whether you choose to do it violently or in a stealthy way is completely up to you, and it does not matter if you manage to steal the treasure from its guards or from the opponent gang, as long as you get the loot. The game has had a mixed reception as many players think that it would benefit from some additional content, but developer Focus Home Interactive is already making some progress in the right direction. Update 1.4 for Hood: Outlaws and Legends was commented last week during a dev vlog, and it has just gone live. The update brings several additions to the game that will help to solve some of the most common complaints from the players.

Update 1.4 balances combat in Hood: Outlaws and Legends by making players more difficult to stunlock. Matchmaking has been improved and several bugs have been fixed. You can find the official patch notes here. But the vlog also revealed some facts about upcoming content for the game. The game will receive a new map this month, and it will also feature a PvE mode in the future. The NPCs will be far more difficult to deal with in this mode, so you can expect a swift death if you are discovered while sneaking through the enemy fortress. A new character and other surprises will be added through this summer and there should be a battle pass with plenty of stuff to unlock coming in September.



All those additions will help to keepHood: Outlaws and Legends in good shape. The game has a lot of potential and it has already caught the eye of many players. as usual, if you have not tried it yet you can find it at the best price thanks to our comparator anytime. Hood: Outlaws and Legends is available on PS4, Ps5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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