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Hood: Outlaws and Legends shows its unique gameplay

Hood: Outlaws and Legends shows its unique gameplay

We have seen many competitive games in which you have to put to the test your mettle, wits, and skills against other players but Hood: Outlaws and Legends offers a series of features to the players that make its gameplay as unique as thrilling. Imagine that you are the leader of a group of outlaws that is set on stealing some heavily guarded treasure. You have to plan ahead and put the skills of every member of your team to the best use if you want to succeed. But what happens if you are not the only one with the same target? Will you be able to predict the moves of your opponents and outsmart them? Maybe you would prefer a more direct approach and just ambush your opponents and rob them after they got the treasure for you. Hood: Outlaws and Legends makes all those possibilities real and you can now take a good view of its gameplay in a brand new video.



In Hood: Outlaws and Legends each of the characters in your group is specialized in a certain area. The Ranger is a dealy sniper able to get rid of any enemy with deadly precision from a secure position. The Hunter is a deadly assassin that can approach any threat in stealth and obliterate it in the most expeditious ways. The Brawler is a force of destruction whose brute force allows him to overpower any foes. Finally, the Mystic is a magic user who is able to heal his comrades and detect hidden threats while smashing the skulls of his opponents with a deadly flail. Learning how to combine their skills is the key to success in Hood: Outlaws and Legends, but keep in mind that as they complete heists and gain experience you will be able to unlock more abilities, perks, and equipment for them making things even more interesting.

We already could watch some other videos focusing on the different classes in the game, but this video is perfect to discover Hood: Outlaws and Legends barely a month ahead of its launch. If becoming a legendary criminal in the middle ages looks appealing to you, Hood: Outlaws and Legends will be available May 10 on PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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