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Hitman 3: we know all the destinations

Hitman 3: we know all the destinations

Less than ten days ahead of the release of Hitman 3, the wait will soon come to an end for all fans of the series who are eager to play as Agent 47 once again. 

In recent weeks we have been able to learn more about Hitman 3 through the game's promotional campaign. We also could have a glimpse of the gameplay in the VR version for Playstation consoles, and a little earlier, IO Interactive showed the start of the very first mission of the game in Dubai and revealed that there will be six destinations that we could visit in Hitman 3.

While we already knew that we will be sent to Dubai, China, and England, we had no clue about where else we would go in the game. But it's no longer a secret, as IO Interactive has revealed them all in a blog post on the official website. Therefore, Germany, Argentina, and Romania will complete Agent 47's road trip. IO Interactive has also published some additional information on each of them: 

Berlin, Germany

    Head to the outskirts of Berlin, a city known for its fairytales, vibrant style, and chaotic nightlife. Whether you’re looking for a place to reflect and recuperate or want to experience the dizzying adrenaline rush of an epic rave, Berlin will help you find both of those things and everything in between.

Mendoza, Argentina

    As one of the most well-known wine regions in South America, Mendoza is the perfect place to take in the beautiful sights and acquired tastes of Argentina. From the sloping hills to the modern vineyards, there’s plenty of opportunities to explore.

Carpathian Mountains, Romania

    The final mission in the World of Assassination trilogy takes you to the Carpathian Mountains.



There is not much information about the last location, probably to avoid spoiling too much about the end of the game. The order in which Agent 47 will travel to these different places around the globe is as follows: Dubai (United Arab Emirates), Dartmoor (United Kingdom), Berlin (Germany), Chongqing (China), Mendoza (Argentina), and the Carpathians (Romania). More information should be coming ahead of the release of Hitman 3 on January 21, at least a launch trailer. If you want to get it at the best price, don't hesitate to visit our comparator.

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