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Square Enix's Harvestella shown at Nintendo: Treehouse Live

Square Enix's Harvestella shown at Nintendo: Treehouse Live

The Japanese developer has us accustomed to exciting action and role-playing games, but it's delving into completely new territory with its latest creation. Harvestella is a farming simulator game with deep mechanics and a unique art style that reminisces an iconic Square Enix franchise: Final Fantasy. The game is more like an epic adventure that starts with you waking up in a fantasy world with no recollection of your past. Soon, you will discover that life in this world is directly connected to the seasons. The introduction of a fifth season, Quietus, the season of death, adds a point of novelty to Harvestella, as everything withers during that time of the year.

Harvestella features a deep focus on gardening and farming. You can plant and water vegetables and harvest them when they are ready. Of course, the seasons will have a critical role in the development of the game mechanics and economy. But there is much more than farming to do in Harvestella. You can group with other players to adventure and fight against enemies in action-based combats. In a certain way, Harvestella looks like a more farming-oriented version of Final Fantasy XIV, which is a lot to say if we consider that the MMORPG is the most played in its genre. It even features a job system similar to the one popularized in the Final Fantasy series, and allows you to seamlesly change between them in combat for devastating strategies.



If you are looking for a beautiful JRPG environment where to develop your farming skills and live exciting adventures, the release of Harvestella is scheduled for November 5, 2022. The game will be available on Nintendo Switch and PC via Steam, and you can pre-order your Harvestella code cheap via our comparator now.

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