Square Enix shares more info about Harvestella

Square Enix shares more info about Harvestella

Square Enix has revealed more information about their upcoming RPG, Harvestella, which mixes elements of plantation farming and real-time battles. It is a simulation and adventure game that features the developer's famous elements, such as jobs.

The fantasy game is set in the city of Nemea and will feature a system of seasons that will influence your crops. Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter, and Quietus. The game will feature a fifth season called Quietus, where the crops die, the residents of Nemea go into hiding, and monsters begin to threaten the world. Check out the description of Harvestella found on the official website:

Introducing a brand-new fantasy x life simulation RPG from Square Enix! Through the changing seasons, explore an imaginative world, tend your crops, make new friends, face enemies in dynamic combat, and unravel the mystery of the season of death, Quietus.



In combat, Harvestella is an action RPG with several jobs to choose from. Among the jobs available, Square revealed the Fighter, Mage, Shadow Walker, and Sky Lancer. The city of Nemea will be the game's starting point, where the story unfolds. In addition to growing crops and selling your harvest, it will also be possible to fish, socialize with the town's residents, and learn more about their stories. 

To learn a new job, we have to recruit a party member who employs it. It's a system similar to the Apple Arcade game Various Daylife. In addition, the player can go deeper into the Character Story, learning more about them, creating more intimacy, and unlocking various benefits in combats and rewards.

The new Square Enix game is very reminiscent of the proposal of games from the developer and publisher Marvelous, responsible for series such as Rune Factory and also Sakuna: Of Rice and Ruin, which take classic elements of the Harvest Moon simulator and add aspects of adventure and combat.

For those who enjoy the genre or are looking for a more cozy game, Harvestella seems to be a good option. The game arrives on November 4 for the Nintendo Switch and on Steam. Check out our comparator for the best deals on a Harvestella game key and secure it ahead of time. 

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