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Halo Infinite's first season will focus on Reach

Halo Infinite's first season will focus on Reach

The biggest announcement made by 343 Industries regarding the next installment in the Halo series is that the game will feature a free multiplayer mode. The new gameplay mode has all the attention from the fans now, who are dying to know more about it, but the developers of Halo Infinite are also revealing more things about the game. Joseph Staten, head of creative for Halo Infinite has talked about the development of the game in a lengthy post on Halo Waypoint, where he talks about the first Multiplayer Season of Halo Infinite, which will be called "Heroes of Reach".

First, he reveals that character customization will be a very important part of this mode, so you can expect to unlock plenty of cosmetic options for your Spartans to make them look however you want exactly. Also, he has talked about the reasons for choosing Reach as the theme for the first season.


"Reach has a rich history; it’s a key location for Spartans of old and a focal point for a new generation of Spartans preparing to wrestle with the perils and mysteries of a galaxy that has fundamentally changed after the events of Halo 5."

"Indeed, Halo Infinite’s first Multiplayer Season takes place at a transformational moment in Halo history—at the pivot point from one generation of heroes to the next. In this moment, your Multiplayer hero is waiting just offstage, geared up for battle and ready to spring into action."

"And their epic story has yet to be told."



Unfortunately, Staten has not revealed anything regarding their future plans regarding multiplayer or about the kind of impact that the renewed focus on multiplayer of Halo Infinite will have on the Halo universe and storyline. With the game being planned as a service they will have the need of refreshing the content often with a steady stream of updates and novelties so the fans don't get bored. If they manage to do so, Halo Infinite could become the most important game in the series for many years to come.

  • Official website : Halo Infinite
  • Categories : Action , Adventure
  • Editor : Xbox Game Studios
  • Developer : 343 Industries
  • Mode(s) : Solo
  • Release date : December 8, 2021
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