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A new Gran Turismo 7 update makes it way harder to buy cars

A new Gran Turismo 7 update makes it way harder to buy cars

Gran Turismo 7 patch 1.07 brought several improvements and adjustments to the game, including a broadcast mode for those looking to create content on platforms such as Twitch. At the same time, the update reduced the payout rewards given to players who meet the objectives of various tracks. Buying a new car became as tortuous and time-consuming as in real life.

The situation generated controversy among the community, especially given the game's greater focus on microtransactions than before. While it is possible to obtain most of the cars in the game without paying extra for them, an analysis conducted by VGC shows that some vehicles cost up to eight times as many credits compared to the prices in Gran Turismo Sport

Some races have seen a drastic cut in payouts. The World Touring Car 800: 24 Heures du Mans Racing Circuit, for example, has dropped from 70,000 to 5,000 credits, the same as the Monza Circuit. Dozens of other tracks have experienced proportionally nerfs of earnings. Shortly after, users bombed Gran Turismo 7 Metascore.


Update 1.08 fixed a login bug

In addition to the low payouts compared to the prices of the most expensive cars, the game imposes restrictions on access to the most coveted and iconic items. Some models can only be purchased with randomly received invitations - which expire in a few days. Other cars appear only at sellers within a time frame. Suppose you don't have the credits to buy a 12 million credit classic Jaguar. In that case, you will have to wait when it becomes available again or buy 12 million credits for a trifling $120.

To make matters worse for Polyphony Digital, the 1.07 patch also introduced a bug preventing players from logging into the game since a constant online connection is required. This extended the maintenance period until patch 1.08 was released, and everything went back to normal.

Gran Turismo 7 has received incredibly positive reviews from many outlets and players on its release, but these controversies involving Games as a Service - not just particular to GT7 - are increasingly angering players. However, if you don't care about exclusive cars and just want to have an incredible racing experience, you can have loads of fun with the game. Enjoy our Gran Turismo 7 game deals and try to ignore the microtransactions.

  • Official website : Gran Turismo 7
  • Categories : Racing , Sports Sim
  • Editor : Sony Interactive Entertainment
  • Developer : Polyphony Digital
  • Mode(s) : Solo, Multiplayer
  • Release date : March 4, 2022
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