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Update 1.06 fixes a lot of problems in Gran Turismo 7

Update 1.06 fixes a lot of problems in Gran Turismo 7

It's too common to see video games that are released in a rather unfinished state or with problems. It's especially noticeable when they are new installments of long-running franchises that are one of the main referents in a genre. Fortunately, Gran Turismo 7 is not such a case, not completely at least. Polyphony Digital has done quite a good job with the development of the new game. Overall, Gran Turismo 7 offers a great experience to motorsport fans. The return of the single-player campaign with the GT Simulation mode creates a more immersive atmosphere. Seasoned fans of the series have found a new home in the game.



Update 1.06

But Gran Turismo 7 is not completely free of problems, and Update 1.06 fixes most of them. You can check out the whole list of fixes in the official patch notes, but the most important thing about this major update is that it adds several novelties to the game. Update 1.06 adds wind direction and speed indicators to the Race display. You can now see an arrow and a number on the upper right corner of the screen under the Track Map. Along with that addition, Polyphony Digital has added a total of 64 new music tracks for the players to enjoy during their racing sessions. 

With Gran Turismo 7, the series maintains its spot as a favorite of the fans of motorsport games. Incredibly detailed graphics and fluid gameplay that lets you drive to your heart's content across a wide variety of scenarios are good enough reasons to play the game. As usual, you can use our comparator to find your Gran Turismo 7 code cheap and immerse into one of the best experiences in the genre.

  • Official website : Gran Turismo 7
  • Categories : Racing , Sports Sim
  • Editor : Sony Interactive Entertainment
  • Developer : Polyphony Digital
  • Mode(s) : Solo, Multiplayer
  • Release date : March 4, 2022
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