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Discover the origins of Hel in Ghosrunner's new DLC

Discover the origins of Hel in Ghosrunner's new DLC

The cyberpunk action platformer from 505 Games, Ghostrunner, is set in a post-apocalyptic world where technology controls everything. The remains of humankind survive in a gigantic skyscraper called Dharma Tower, and the Keymaster controls everything inside it. You take the role of a former Ghostrunner, a cybernetically enhanced human that used to be under the command of the tower's ruler as a peacekeeper, but a series of events in the game end with you trying to climb through the tower levels in an attempt to kill the Keymaster.

Ghostrunner is a game that features a unique and frenetic gameplay style that allows you to traverse the different scenarios at top speed while dashing, jumping, dodging bullets, and slashing down your enemies. Any hit you may receive is potentially lethal, so learning how to use your skills and put them to the best use is a must if you want to achieve your goal.

Ghostrunner delivers a fast-paced experience full of action that has caught the attention of many players so far. But 505 Games is now expanding its storyline with a new expansion that comes as a prequel. Project_Hel is a DLC that puts you in the shoes of Hel, an android that bears intense hatred towards her creators because they keep her chained between missions. When you are assigned the task of quelling a rebellion in the tower, you see it as an opportunity to rebel against your internal programming, which doesn't allow you to attack your creators directly. 



Your unstable programming and deep hartred fuel your rage, which serves as the energy that allows you to use devastating combat abilites. The Project_Hel campaign features the same type of gameplay as the main game, but instead of using a grappling hook to navigate the tower's intricate levels, Hel uses a super jump. 

Seven levels and two challenging bosses await you in this new Ghostrunner adventure that is already available on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, and PC. If you are yet to discover the game, you can check out the best video game deals and find the best price to buy your Ghostrunner code on our comparator.

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