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Ghostrunner is getting a lot of additional content

Ghostrunner is getting a lot of additional content

When 505 Games bought theGhostrunner IP from All in Games they had ambitious plans for the post-apocalyptic action game. Indeed, Ghostrunner has caught the attention of many players that were looking for a thrilling and frenetic experience in a cyberpunk world. Its fast-paced gameplay focused on slashing through your enemies with your monomolecular katana as you climb up the different levels of the tower has proven to be quite appealing, and the publisher has seen a lot of potential in the game.



The acquisition has probably served as a boost for the development team and the result comes in the form of the announcement of a roadmap that reveals all the contents coming to Ghostrunner this year. Gladly enough, not all of the content will be paid, and players will also be getting some free enhancements. The roadmap starts with all the features coming this spring, including Kill Run and Photo modes, as well as the launch of Ghostrunner on Amazon Luna. But there are quite a few things in store for us, like plenty of vanity packs with cosmetic items, a new DLC, and even the possibility of upgrading the game to next-gen consoles later this year.


ghostrunner roadmap


All those novelties will contribute to making Ghostrunner even bigger and if you are already a fan of the game or you are looking for an action game that does not focus on shooting that's definitely great news. 

There is a free Ghostrunner demo available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC via Steam and Epic Games Store. You should try it before purchasing the game to find out if it's the type of game you are looking for. Of course, we encourage you to visit our comparator in order to find the best price to purchase Ghostrunner anytime.

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