Relics of the Old Faith is a free DLC for Cult of the Lamb

Relics of the Old Faith is a free DLC for Cult of the Lamb

Recruiting followers that serve an ancient evil god is not an easy task, although it can be quite fun. Cult of the Lamb has demonstrated it with its unique gameplay, colorful cartoon-style graphics, and roguelike mechanics. the game puts you in the shoes of a lamb whose life was miraculously saved by an evil god. Of course, the deity wants you to scratch her back now and tasks you with creating a cult of followers around its figure. Exploring a procedurally generated world, indoctrinating new followers, and mercilessly killing those that oppose the precepts of your faith are just some of the things you will have to do to transform your incipient cult into a religion for the masses. This translates into a good dose of action and fun to boot in one of the most entertaining roguelike titles released last year, which is about to get even better.

Relics of the Old Faith

Developer Massive Monster has just announced the release date of a new expansion for Cult of the Lamb. Relics of the Old Faith is a DLC that features a new storyline, new challenges, more enemies, enhanced combat mechanics, and additional ways of making the non-believers pay for their terrible sins against your god. The introduction of relics that will act as modifiers for your game will be an exciting addition to Cult of the Lamb, and it will allow you to take on the new challenges proposed by the story. But Relics of the Old Faith also include more novelties, like a photo mode, improved cult management tools, new accessibility options, and even new progression systems and secrets for you to discover. The best is that you won't have to pay a dime to get all this extra content on April 24, as it's totally free to all Cult of the Lamb owners on any platform.



Relics of the Old Faith is not the only thing Massive Monster has planned for Cult of the Lamb. The post-launch roadmap for the game reveals that a second expansion will release in 2023. The name has not been revealed yet, but the second major DLC will bring additional story elements, customization options, accessibility settings, and more. We will know more about it later this year. Meanwhile, you can visit our comparator to buy your Cult of the Lamb PC key cheap and enjoy the content in Relics of the Old Faith as soon as the DLC is available.

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