Enshrouded keeps growing with the help of the community

Enshrouded keeps growing with the help of the community

Survival games have started very strong in 2024 and Enshrouded is one of the most important of them. The list is long, and it includes titles like Palworld and Nightingale. Each of them offers a significantly different experience that builds on a variety of mechanics to create a thrilling and challenging gameplay experience. All of these games are still in Early Access and they are bound to suffer notable modifications. However, Enshrouded developer Keen Games GmbH is taking a different approach than its competitors to finish its game.

At first glance, Enshrouded is a classic open-world survival experience that lays the realm of Embervale at your feet for you to discover. You need to gather resources, craft what you need, and fight to survive in a territory populated by hostile creatures. A big community supports the game which has now over two million players and they are quite involved in making Enshrouded the best possible experience. Keen Games GmbH asked for their help and requested suggestions and ideas about new features to be included in the game, and the response has been massive.

Vote for your favourite features

There's already a list with over 2600 features that should be included in Enshrouded according to the fans. You can even vote for them on Steam to choose your favourite ones and they will probably be added to the game sometime in the future if possible. Of course, it's the studio who has the last word on what gets in the game and not. The developers better be consistent about their decisions or they risk handing the control to the fans, which is not necessarily good. Having clear objectives is a better strategy in a long way than acting following players' desires.



Enshrouded will stay in Early Access for a while, and the experience it offers already pleases many players. Only time will tell if following the suggestions of the community makes it a bigger success. If you want to immerse in its universe, check out the best discounts to buy an Enshrouded game code with our comparator.

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