The world of Dragon's Dogma II is more realistic than you imagine

The world of Dragon's Dogma II is more realistic than you imagine

The hype for the upcoming release of Dragon's Dogma II is through the roof due to the game's unique mechanics and exciting action. This new take on the classic adventure from Capcom has surpassed all expectations when it comes to gameplay. Dragon's Dogma II will offer much more than another epic adventure focused on the story of the Arisen. The game features new gameplay mechanics, several vocations to choose from, and a unique approach to action-based combat that is way above what players experienced when playing Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen.

An authentic experience

The information about Dragon's Dogma II keeps piling up ahead of its release. Thousands of players have tried the amazing depth of the game's character creator in the game during the last few days as Capcom has made it available to everyone for free. However, this is not the only detail about the game that has been revealed recently. Dragon's Dogma II director Hideaki Itsuno has also highlighted that the world of the game is inhabited by over 1,000 characters, each with their own unique stories and motivations. This is a surprisingly large number, but what is more surprising is that if you kill any of them they will stay dead permanently.



In Dragon's Dogma II, your decisions and actions have an impact on the events of the story and in many cases they could lead to the death of specific NPCs. However, you can choose to actively protect them from harm or even revive them if you choose to. This system opens up the door to a world that feels living and reactive which also contributes to delivering a deeper level of immersion.

Dragon's Dogma II is much more than a story-driven hack-and-slash adventure with great graphics and all the fans will be able to check it out by themselves very soon. The release of the game is scheduled for next week and you can check out the best discounts on Dragon's Dogma II with our comparator already.

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