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DOOM Eternal receives a new Master Level

DOOM Eternal receives a new Master Level

DOOM Eternal is a superb game that has captivated the fans of the popular first-person shooting series but also plenty of newcomers with its impressive graphics and gameplay full of non-stop action. It's quite a worthy successor that offers to the players all that they would love to find in a game about slaying demons, with hordes of lesser enemies to obliterate and challenging bosses to fight. The story mode is quite an epic adventure but if you want something different you can jump into Battlemode to take part in frenetic asymmetric multiplayer battles. The content in DOOM Eternal has just been expanded with the addition of a new Master Level on a new free update for the game.

The Super Gore Nest Master Level will introduce massive portals that can be used by legions of demons to move between Hell and Mars or Earth. Such a huge threat has to be eliminated as fast as possible. Although similar portals were already in DOOM Eternal, the amount of demons coming through them in Super Gore Nest Master Level is just ludicrous and its difficulty is much higher. But if you want to face a challenge ever bigger, you can play through the new level on classic mode, which in which you get just a shotgun to start your adventure and you will need to find other weapons as you play. Of course, all the effort that you put into completing the level will be rewarded with the new Class Green Slayer skin for your characters, and there are other customization options unlockable by completing some challenges as you play.



This new addition arrives just in time for the release of DOOM Eternal on Nintendo Switch, which will take place on December 6h. Also, the game will be added to Xbox Game Pass tomorrow, so you will be able to play DOOM Eternal without having to buy it if you are subscribed to the service and you do not have it already, of course. 

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