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Discover WayOut and Lines X two puzzle games from Konstructors studio

Discover WayOut and Lines X two puzzle games from Konstructors studio

Today we come to you with a review of two games that we had the opportunity to test on Nintendo Switch. Developed and published by the Ukrainian studio Konstructors, WayOut and Lines X could interest you if you like puzzle games and relaxing atmospheres. We tell you more immediately.

Lines X

Released in 2017 on Steam, Lines X has just released on Nintendo Switch, precisely on June 27. Konstructors describes the game as follows: "Lines X is a Numberlink puzzle game that involves finding ways to connect colored tiles in a grid." For those who do not know the numberlink style puzzle, the studio describes the principle pretty well. Within a larger or smaller grid, you need to connect points in pairs, without ever crossing two paths, and filling the entire space.



There are many games of this type, and Lines X does it particularly well. The game offers a pretty, minimalist interface without frills and goes to the basics. It offers 100 levels with increasing difficulty. If the first ones are easy enough to complete, things will quickly get complicated later, and you will sometimes have to squeeze your brains and arm yourself with patience to finish them. The game can be played both with the stick and in touch mode, and it is possible to turn off the sound effects to better enjoy the soundscape. In terms of design, although being sober by its nature Lines X is still quite beautiful; the background alternates between light, dark, and colorful backgrounds. Music gives a Zen atmosphere to Lines X, making it a perfect game to play in a deckchair, or at the beach on those hot summer days.


Also available on Steam since 2016 WayOut will be released tomorrow, July 11, on the Nintendo console. "Flip the entire grid by tapping the tiles in the correct order and find a WayOut for this puzzle. It's not as easy as it sounds. Casual puzzle players will have to scratch their heads from time to time. Fans more seasoned will find a real treat." And indeed, after a quick tutorial and past the first levels, our gray matter will be put to the test. Like Lines X, WayOut presents itself with a rather sober interface. The goal of the game, which seems at first sight simple, is to make all the tiles on the screen white. You can turn them using the stick or by touching the screen directly. Adjacent tiles will also rotate, but not diagonally, and tiles may return to their original state. You will sometimes have to go back and forth to find the tile that will allow you to finish the level. Of course the difficulty increases over the levels, and WayOut includes about sixty of them divided into six chapters. Things will get more complicated as different types of tiles appear through the levels, some of them not allowing, for example, to swap the tiles on two sides. The soundscape of WayOut is, like in Lines X, very zen and conducive to reflection. The only downside we have noted is that the French translations are not that good in the tutorial, but that does not spoil the pleasure of playing WayOut.



Lines X and WayOut are available on the Switch eshop, as well as on Nintendo's website. If you want to discover more games from Konstructors studio, do not hesitate to visit their website or subscribe to their Facebook page and their Twitter account.

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