Discover the secrets of Adelpha in Outcast: A New Begining

Discover the secrets of Adelpha in Outcast: A New Begining

Outcast: A New Beginning is finally available to play today on PC, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series. The new adventure starring Cutter Slade will bring back the ex-Navy SEAL to the mysterious alien planet that he visited for the first time in 1999. The events in the original Outcast didn't anticipate that the Talans would end under the assault of a horde of robotic invaders that would try to take control of the planed and destroy their civilization. His arrival at Adelpha will give him the opportunity to give a hand to the Talans and help them survive the robotic onslaught, while also allowing him to explore the beautiful planet and discover more of its secrets.

On the gameplay side, Outcast: A New Beginning offers exactly what it promises, a new take on the classic adventure. With its modern graphics and visual enhancements the game offers a sprawling open world to explore as you interact with the Talans, learn more about their ways, and take part in exciting battles against the invaders. Combat is dynamic and lets you make use of two modular weapons that you can improve and customize as you progress through the game. Cutter will also have access to a variety of gadgets and new ways of travelling across the land but his old and trusty jetpack will also accompany him on this new adventure.



No need for previous experience

Outcast: A New Beginning is a worthy successor of the original adventure from Infogrames, but anyone can immerse into the game offers without having played the first title or its sequel. If you are a seasoned player and it's not your first time joining Cutter Slade, you will visit familiar places and perhaps even meet some old acquaintances, but the game is a standalone experience that can be enjoyed without any previous knowledge of the series.

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