Cutter Slade returns in Outcast: A New Beginning

Cutter Slade returns in Outcast: A New Beginning

The name Outcast may not ring a bell for you unless you are a seasoned gamer. This action-adventure game was released by Infogrames in 1999 and it revolutionized the genre with its exciting action, thrilling story, and gameplay that combined third-person and first-person view. Outcast: A New Beginning will take you back to the alien world of Adelpha 25 years after the first game was released for an exciting adventure. Although it was announced that the game was in development quite a while ago, we did not have an opportunity to watch much of it until now. A brand new video offers an in-depth view of Outcast: A New Beginning.



Cutter is back in Adelpha

In Outcast: A New Beginning you take the role of Cutter Slade once more. The former NAVY SEAL will find himself back on the alien planet with the mission of helping its natives fight against a horde of robotic invaders. The game has significant improvements compared with the original and lets you explore the planet as you see fit. After a brief tutorial, the game allows you to choose your path and interact with the people of Adelpha however you like. Your decisions will impact the world and the events in the story as the game progresses, allowing for a unique experience with non-linear progression.

The scenarios in Outcast: A New Beginning may look familiar to those who played the first game. Developer Appeal Studios has done an excellent job bringing to life the flora and fauna of the planet with modern graphics and it looks full of mysterious alien lifeforms. During your adventure, you will interact with these creatures to complete missions while you help different Talan tribes with their problems, learn more about the current situation on the planet, and try to help them against the invaders. Also, Outcast: A New Beginning features new equipment that you can use to swiftly navigate the land. A new gliding suit joins the old jetpack and lets you fly without fuel.

When it comes to combat, Outcast: A New Beginning expands Cutter's classic arsenal with new weapons and introduces modern mechanics for a thrilling action-based experience. THQ published a video focused on the game's combat mechanics not too long ago. You can watch it right below.


Alongside the latest reveal, Appeal Studios has also confirmed the official release date for the game. Outcast: A New Beginning will be playable on March 15, and there is currently a free demo available for those who want to discover the game. You can use our comparator if you want to pre-order Outcast: A New Beginning for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, or PC at the best price.

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