Digimon Survive shows tactical battles in new gameplay trailer

Digimon Survive shows tactical battles in new gameplay trailer

With the release of Digimon Survive approaching, Bandai Namco released a new trailer for the latest title in the franchise. The video shows how our friendly digital monsters will face each other in tactical combat arenas.

The trailer, which you can see below, is entirely focused on the gameplay, with an emphasis on the tactical turn-based battles where the positioning and type of attacks, as well as digivolutions, can make all the difference to achieving victory.


Digimon Survive will mostly be a Visual Novel game

Dialogues were also presented as a critical component, influencing the storyline and even the evolution of Digimons. This visual novel format will cover most of the game, with the developers claiming Digimon Survive will be 70% text-based game and 30% gameplay. They also alerted that some choices can even lead to a character's death, and I'm not talking about Leomon.

In addition, the player will have the option to talk during battle. They can buff players with a well-said pep talk or speak directly to enemies during the fray. Depending on the result, it can net you new Digimon allies. A feature commonly seen in the Shin Megami Tensei series.

Digimon Survive takes the player back to the Digital World, this time in the role of the protagonist Takuma Momotsuka, an eighth-grader from an ordinary family who participates in a historical studies extracurricular activities camp and is transported to a different world by a shrine.

Initially announced in 2018 and slated for release in 2019, the game has been plagued by several delays since then, being thrown to 2020 and then 2021, when it suffered a final postponement to this year. Fortunately, it looks like the wait will come to an end this time around.

Digimon Survive is scheduled for release on July 29, 2022, for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC. You can check our comparator for Digimon Survive CD Keys at the best price and prepare for your journey to the digital world.

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