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Digimon Survive finally gets a release date

Digimon Survive finally gets a release date

After being postponed several times since its announcement in 2018, Digimon's latest RPG is finally coming to us. In the latest issue of V-Jump, a release date graced us: July 28... but in Japan.

We don't know if the game will have a global release on that date or if it will be particular to the east, but if it follows the patterns of Cyber Sleuth games, it could take anywhere from 1 month to 1 year of waiting for the localization.

Digimon Survive will be a visual novel game with strategic RPG elements. Producer Kazumasa Habu has said that the game will consist of 70% visual novel and 30% strategic gameplay. In other words, expect a lot of text.



Digimon Survive is more Visual Novel than RPG

Digimon Survive takes the player back to the Digital World, this time controlling the protagonist Takuma Momotsuka, a student from an ordinary family who visits a temple at a historical studies camp and finds himself in another world. His Digimon partner will be Agumon, who will help him try to return to his home.

The main story will have 12 chapters, and from the eighth, choices will branch out their paths based on three parameters: morality, harmony, and rage. These parameters will apparently dictate the digivolution of your little monsters. In all - and for now - we will have 113 digimons.

In battle, we can take up to 10 digimons. We will use a resource called SP for special attacks, which should be used sparingly. Getting all Digimon in one playthrough will not be possible, and one path should take 40 hours to finish. If you want to play all 4 paths (1 of them secret), the game will give you an average of 80~100 playtime hours, even with New Game+.

On July 28, Digimon Survive comes out for PS4 (with backward compatibility for PS5) and Switch. When it hits Western lands, it will receive Xbox One, Series, and PC versions. You can check out our comparator for game deals on Digimon Survive and secure your copy for the newest RPG in the acclaimed digital monster franchise.

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