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Diablo Immortal: monetization upsets the players

Diablo Immortal: monetization upsets the players

It's been just a few days since the new free-to-play game in the Diablo series was released on PC and mobile platforms. Diablo Immortal has been a very controversial title since its announcement at the BlizzCon. In the beginning, nobody understood why Blizzard would delve into the mobile space with a Diablo game instead of focusing on releasing Diablo 4 or improving the series in other ways with DLCs or something. 

Moving fast forward in time, the launch of Diablo II: Resurrected has been enough to keep the community of Diablo fans happy as it brings back to life the most popular game in the series. Diablo 4 continues to be missing in action, and we only get some updates about the development process now and then, which are not sufficient to satisfy a community that is eager for more action.

Outrageous monetization system

Blizzard has decided to launch Diablo Immortal in the middle of all this. The game has caught the attention of many franchise fans because it's free-to-play, but the experience that it offers is just a watered-down version of what players can experience in Diablo 3. This is understandable because it's a game initially designed for mobile platforms, and its launch on PC was announced later. But the monetization system implemented by Blizzard threatens to destroy the game quite soon. Other than the usual pay-2-win discussion that usually affects this type of game, there are already reports saying that the gem system in Diablo Immortal requires you to spend over $110,000 to upgrade your character fully. As you can imagine, the community is currently voicing its discontent quite loudly on all forums.



If you are willing to delve into the universe of Diablo Immortal because you want to know more about the part of the story that takes place between Diablo 2 and Diablo 3, you may not need to spend much on the game. But if you are looking for a great gameplay experience, there are much better options. You can use our comparator to get your Diablo II: Resurrected or Diablo 3 key cheap anytime, and it will save you lots of money if you pretend to fully enjoy a game.

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