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Devil May Cry 5 demo is available for download now for Xbox One and PS4

Devil May Cry 5 demo is available for download now for Xbox One and PS4

Get ready and download the demo for Devil May Cry 5 that goes live today on Xbox One and PlayStation 4 and get rewarded with 30,000 Red Orbs when the full game goes live. This demo comes after the one launched last December, that was exclusive for Xbox One and allowed the group of lucky ones that managed to play Nero rampage through Red Grave City armed with his Red Queen sword and Blue Rose handgun.




This second demo should be basically a slightly more polished version of the previous one but according to its description it also features "the addition of the Punchline Devil Breaker and allows usage of the Customize option". Pretty much, you will get to explore a section of Red Grave City playing as Nero, and you will use his Devil Breaker artificial arm to fight your way through hordes of demons. We already know many of the characters that will appear in Devil May Cry 5 from the other games in the series, including Dante, Nero, Lady, Trish, and Nico, but the new character V is the one that is unknown for us. He seems to have a fighting style that is quite different from the others and that is what makes him so interesting. He will fight using his cane but he also has the ability to summon three familiars to fight alongside him: Shadow is a panther helps him in close combat, Griffin is a bird with long-range electric attacks, and Nightmare is a bulky monstrosity able to cause massive destruction using its fists and laser beams.




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