Dead Island 2 invites you to a music festival next month

Dead Island 2 invites you to a music festival next month

Dead Island 2 is considered one of the best video games when it comes to slaughtering zombies. Dambuster Studios released it in 2023 after a long development process that spanned many years. The game offers a thrilling experience set in a post-apocalyptic Los Angeles, where a virulent infection has turned most of its population into ravenous zombies. After being infected by the virus, you are one of the very few individuals who has not developed a taste for human flesh and will find yourself embarked on an exciting adventure full of action. The game mainly revolves around surviving, finding out the truth about the infection, and reducing zombies to a bloody pulp with a variety of weapons. Brutal combat, action to boot, and a unique damage system that registers and represents the wounds with great realism are the highlights of Dead Island 2, a worthy successor of Dead Island: Riptide and the first Dead Island.



Welcome to the SoLA Festival

Dambuster Studios had very ambitious plans to expand Dead Island 2 with additional post-launch content. The first expansion for the game was released last year with the title Haus. It pits the players against a techno-death cult throughout a new storyline and also adds a few novelties. The second expansion for Dead Island 2 will soon be released. The studio has confirmed that the SoLA Festival will arrive on April 17 with a new location for players to explore, new enemies, and additional weapons.

” A deadly virus sweeps through The Valley, turning its inhabitants into ravenous zombies as a chthonic rhythm calls from beyond – the beat of the Autophage. Lured to the festival by an enigmatic warning message, players must explore SoLA’s ruins and put a stop to this otherworldly menace.”

Players who purchase the SoLA Festival DLC, which is also included in the Dead Island 2 Season Pass, will have to face the Whipper and the Clotter, two new types of zombies with unique abilities. However, the Ripper and the Sawblade Launcher will let players rip the zombies to shreds and will offer a sharp advantage in combat.

Dead Island 2 is currently available on PlayStation and Xbox consoles and on PC via Epic Games Store. It will be released on PC via Steam next month just a few days after SoLA Festival DLC arrives. If you have been eagerly waiting to play the game on Steam, you can use our comparator to buy a cheap Dead Island 2 PC key today and get ready to enter the quarantine zone.

Kitten Chucklenugget
Kitten Chucklenugget
Mar 22, 2024, 3:44 PM
the first DLC was awesome! i hope this will add more depth what the autophage is
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