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Dambuster reveals more details about the FLESH system in Dead Island 2

Dambuster reveals more details about the FLESH system in Dead Island 2

In games like Dead Island 2, blood and gore are an important part of the gameplay. If the latest creation of Dambuster Studios is such a huge hit it's for a good reason. The studio has taken realism to a new level when it comes to the damage caused to the zombies. The FLESH system allows for endless variation and the results are spectacular. In fact, the effect is so over the top that the developers didn't want it to be used for humans in this game. 



A complex system

This information has been revealed by technical art director Dan Evans-Lawes alongside many other details about Dead Island 2 in a recent Reddit AMA session.

“We deliberately kept it zombie-only so we could go super extreme with the gore without it getting too disturbing.”

It's unclear if the studio will be using the same system on other games that do not include zombies. One of the highlights of Dead Island 2 is its extreme violence towards the zombies, and the system may not fit well in other titles. 

Evans-Lawes also delved a bit deeper into the mechanics of the system, which seems to be quite complex but yields awesome results that are being acclaimed by the fans of Dead Island 2.

“Zombies are built out of a surface mesh and a set of viscera meshes. These are individual pieces that can be destroyed, or broken. This is a shared asset among zombies, with a few variations on viscera."

“The surface mesh gets deformed and modified as the zombie takes damage. When we do limb dismemberments or bisections, we dynamically split the mesh across a cutting plane."

As you can see, the FLESH system in Dead Island 2 required a lot of work. Fortunately, the game has proven to be an amazing experience that has already captivated many players and it was worth all the effort.

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