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Dead Island 2 is getting two expansions

Dead Island 2 is getting two expansions

The release of Dead Island 2 recently was one of the most anticipated events of the year as the zombie-apocalypse game was in development for so many years. Dambuster Studios has not disappointed the fans and came up with a sequel full of action and novelties, that is faithful to the spirit of the original Dead Island. Fifteen years after the events in the first game another zombie outbreak calls for Los Angeles to be quarantined, and you take the role of one of six Slayers trying to escape the apocalypse. Bitten by a zombie and in the midst of the most chaotic situation, you have to do whatever it takes to survive.

Dead Island 2 offers you a thrilling story, blood and gore to boot, and one of the most realistic dismemberment systems ever created for video games. Don't worry if that is not enough for you because Dambuster has even more content coming.

Dead Island 2 roadmap


dead island 2 roadmap


The developer studio has revealed a roadmap showing the content that will be available for Dead Island 2 in the coming months. The game will receive not one but two expansions that you can get separately or as part of the Dead Island 2 Expansion Pass. The first story expansion, Haus, will release in the last quarter of 2023, while the second story expansion, SOLA Festival, will launch in the second quarter of 2024.

  • First expansion: How does a billionaire prepare for the zompocalypse? A techno-death cult with a healthy splash of debauchery and gore!
  • Second expansion: Welcome to the SOLA festival, where LA's party people can greenwash their way to ecstasy and save the planet, one rave at a time.

There are several Dead Island 2 DLC packs available for those that want to spend some additional cash to unlock more cosmetic options and weapons. You can also unlock additional rewards via Twitch drops by watching streamers play the game on the platform. Of course, if you are yet to discover the game, the best prices to buy your Dead Island 2 CD key are on our comparator.

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