Cuphead fans can't stop playing The Delicious Last Course

Cuphead fans can't stop playing The Delicious Last Course

Cuphead found a spot in the hearts of the fans with its amazing and addictive gameplay and its graphics that reminisce the best classic cartoons. The game brought the run-and-gun genre to the front line and proved that many players still love to face challenging stages and boss fights without the need for complex gameplay mechanics. After selling millions of copies and earning several awards, Cuphead has become a cult video game that is worthy of a spot in all video game libraries.

Developer Studio MDHR promised a DLC for Cuphead a while ago, and The Delicious Last Course was finally released across several platforms barely a week ago. Not only does it bring a new location, challenging bosses, and weapons, but also a new playable character. Mrs. Chalice joins Cuphead and Mugman in their adventure, and they will help Chef Saltbaker in a new mission. 



The studio has put a lot of work into this DLC, and the fans have welcomed the effort with joy. The Delicious Last Course DLC has sold over a million copies in a week, and that is a good indicator of its quality. A post on the official blog of the studio shows the deep involvement of the developers with the game and also serves to thank the fans for their support.



"In the many years that have passed since we set out to make the game that would become Cuphead, we have come to think of this trio of plucky heroes as friends of ours, and the fantastical world of the Inkwell Isles they inhabit as a place we ourselves have been to."


If you are a fan ofCuphead, we don't need to recommend that you check out the best prices to buy The Delicious Last Course cheap on our comparator because you probably have done it already. If you are not a fan yet, we highly recommend Cuphead and its DLC for all those looking for a great game.

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