Crimson Desert's explosive gameplay trailer unveiled at Gamescom

Crimson Desert's explosive gameplay trailer unveiled at Gamescom

Pearl Abyss, the developers of Black Desert Online, showcased a new Crimson Desert gameplay trailer, displaying significant development progress from its 2020 debut. The video portrays the story of the main protagonist, Kliff, who is investigating events that transpire in the region of "Hernand" and embarked on a journey of exploration through a vast open world.

The footage presents realistic and exceptional graphical quality, highlighting immersive gameplay set in a sprawling open world consisting of vast regions and cities. Other highlights include environment and NPC interactions, motion-captured combat, and action sequences that offer realism and enhanced gameplay. 



The trailer also shows off diverse combat, from hand-to-hand and wrestling moves to revealing how players can use various objects (and their surroundings) against foes set in Crimson Desert's rich open world. From boss fights to duels and battles against large groups of enemies, the footage highlights exhilarating battles where players take out foes with diverse mechanics. We can also glimpse spectacular skydiving, characters climbing buildings and trees, jumping over high barriers, and various mini-games such as fishing, arm-wrestling, and taming wild horses. 

Developed on Pearl Abyss' proprietary next-generation BlackSpace Engine, Crimson Desert is an open-world action-adventure game. With an engaging setting and realistic characters,, the game depicts the story of a group of mercenaries fighting for survival on the expansive continent of Pywel. Pearl Abyss is set to deliver a unique gameplay experience with it.

The game looks highly ambitious, and fans worldwide hope Pearl Abyss delivers on the promises. The game features several dynamics akin to Dragon's Dogma and Assassin's Creed but taken to the next level in high-octane and explosive gameplay.

Crimson Desert's release date

The game was announced in 2020 with a release window for 2021 but it was delayed indefinitely later. Until very recently, players thought Crimsom Desert was shelved. The new gameplay trailer sparks hope everywhere; still, a definitive launch date for the game is yet to be confirmed, but pundits believe it will come in 2024. We only know that Crimsom Desert aims for a simultaneous global release on PC and console platforms.

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