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Choo-Choo Charles is coming for you this December

Choo-Choo Charles is coming for you this December

Whether we like it or not, the indie game Choo-Choo Charles finally has a launch date: December 9, 2022. Horror fans can rejoice; arachnophobes not so much. To celebrate the announcement, solo developer Gavin Eisenbeisz, also known as Two Star Studios, released a nightmarish new gameplay trailer. Check it out now—or not:



If it isn’t clear yet, Choo-Choo Charles features the demonic man-eating train engine crawling on spider legs as its chief antagonist. All you have is a machinegun-laden train, which at first you’ll mostly use to run away. To eliminate Charles, you must upgrade your train’s weaponry using scraps located around the island, until you have enough firepower to take him on. Unfortunately, Charles has the freedom to crawl around the island whereas your train is stuck on the rails. He can ambush you while you’re away from your train and scavenging.

The trailer reveals more elements of the gameplay. Chiefly, you have three NPCs who can help upgrade your train for your final showdown with the amazing spider-train: Candice, John and Daryl.

However, it seems Charles isn’t your only enemy on the island. You also have to contend with armed cultists wearing Charles masks, ready to shoot you for defying their god. Charles himself doesn’t seem to care about his worshippers—he can be seen scattering them in his single-minded pursuit of your train.

Finally, it seems that there are eggs scattered around the island and guarded by cultists. Presumably, you have to destroy these as well or be forced to face another Charles in the future.

This is one train one hopes would be delayed, but so far, Choo-Choo Charles is on track for a December release. Eisenbeisz has stated that his game will be for the PC, but he hasn’t ruled out other platforms in the future. You can check out prices for a  Choo-Choo Charles PC key now with our comparator.


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