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Capcom wants your help to create a DLC for Dragon's Dogma II

Capcom wants your help to create a DLC for Dragon's Dogma II

Dragon's Dogma II has captivated a huge community with its exciting gameplay mechanics and unique story. The game has topped the charts since it was released despite presenting some technical problems and players not being very happy about microtransactions in the game. However, impressive numbers back it up and Capcom is already planning to expand the game with additional content while releasing updates to improve the game's performance on PC and consoles. The developer has launched a survey to gauge the community's opinion about a possible future DLC for the game.

What would you like to see added to Dragon's Dogma II?

The survey includes several questions about your overall satisfaction with Dragon's Dogma II but also inquires about what type of content you would like to see coming to the game in the form of a future DLC. Also, Capcom wants to know how much you would be willing to spend on an expansion. As a reward for participating in the survey, you will get an exclusive Dragon's Dogma II wallpaper. It will be open until March 21 and you can check it out here.



Capcom's approach to DLCs in Dragon's Dogma II has been quite disappointing for some players as they felt that many of the add-ons available to be purchased in the game should already be part of it for free. The "Art of Metamorphosis" items, which players can use to change the Arisen's appearance in the game, have been the target of most complaints. The survey may help to point the developers in the appropriate direction to avoid future drama and allow the game to keep growing with the type of content that the players really want.

Meanwhile, Dragon's Dogma II continues to be the player's preferred action RPG adventure in 2024. Don't forget that our comparator can help you purchase Dragon's Dogma II for your platform of choice at the cheapest price if you have not joined the Arisen and his companions in their latest adventure.

Kitten Chucklenugget
Kitten Chucklenugget
Mar 30, 2024, 12:04 PM
it'll be cool adding the grim reaper Death again so i can explosive arrow his wraith butt for the 2nd time
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