Capcom confirms new post-launch content for Resident Evil 2

Capcom confirms new post-launch content for Resident Evil 2

Just yesterday we advanced that the creators of the new Resident Evil 2 were in negotiations with Capcom to add extra content to the game. Today Capcom has confirmed that there will be a new mode coming to Resident Evil 2 after the game launch.


The Ghost Survivors will be a free new mode where you can play as multiple characters through a series of randomized events. Depending on your performance during those events you will get a score and earn points to buy stuff at an in-game shop that will be added too. Don't worry, Capcom says that there will be no microtransactions. The idea behind this mode is to add replayability and longevity to the game, and randomized content could be a very good form of extending a survival horror game. Not knowing what to expect is always a plus.


The new game mode will be introduced in three different volumes, each of them including different characters to play and other surprises. The release date for the first volume is yet to be unveiled, but it's been confirmed that it will include Robert Kendo, a USS Member, and Katherine (Raccoon City mayor's daughter) as playable characters, as well as a new type of enemy that you won't normally see on Resident Evil 2. Of course, this new mode is not the only one available to players. Other than playing the main campaign with Leon and Claire, both the 4th Survivor and Tofu modes are included at launch, allowing you to play as Hunk or Tofu for a new level of challenge. There is still some time before Resident Evil 2 remake is released, so Capcom still has time to surprise us. We will keep you updated!

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