Call of Duty has the most original anti-cheat system ever

Call of Duty has the most original anti-cheat system ever

Cheaters have been the bane of all FPS since the genre was created. Getting an unfair advantage through unallowed third-party programs like aimbots allows the cheaters to kill other players with ease, which is really bad for games like Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 and its free-to-play version Call of Duty: Warzone. Whether you want to enjoy a competitive multiplayer experience in the latest install ment of the popular series or fight to be the last man standing in a battle royale, you surely want to do it in an environment where all players have the same opportunities as you, and the outcome is a matter of skill. Infinity Ward and Raven software have been fighting against cheaters for a long while, but their latest method to address this important issue that hinders other players' experience is rather original.



Am I seeing ghosts?

The Ricochet system anti-cheat system has been working in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 and Warzone for a long while. It focuses on thwarting cheaters by ruining their game experience through several methods and a new and very original one has been added to the list. Cheaters will now suffer hallucinations. They will now see decoys that act as real players in the game but whose function is to detect cheaters and get them banned.

“These false characters are undetectable by legitimate players, and they can’t impact a legitimate player’s aim, progression, end of match stats, or overall gameplay experience, but serve to disorient cheaters in a variety of ways. Hallucinations can be deployed both as a method of mitigation for verified cheaters or, in secret, as a detection for suspicious players.”

Non-cheaters are in for a treat as it will be really funny to see cheaters shooting at imaginary threats in Call of Duty games. The creators of Ricochet are showing an interesting initiative with this new system and it will surely get many cheaters banned and make the gameplay experience fairer for all those that follow the rules. You can learn more details about this system and how it works to improve your gameplay experience in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 and Warzone on the official website.

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