Bungie reveals Destiny 2's Season of the Haunted

Bungie reveals Destiny 2's Season of the Haunted

The universe of Destiny 2 is in constant evolution. Developer Bungie has made sure to accompany the lore of the different expansions and events that have been released for the game over the years, with the changes required to reflect their impact in different locations throughout the galaxy. If you consider that Destiny 2 has already gone through 16 seasons, that's a lot. With the next season starting today, Bungie still has in store more changes since it will take players to places that they visited in the past, but with a new range of activities in scope. You can watch the Season of the Haunted presentation video below.


Season of the Haunted

One of the most iconic starships of Destiny 2 returns this season. After abandoning Nessus, the Leviathan and Emperor Calus of the Cabal have returned to our solar system. The ship is stationed next to the Moon, taking on some of its Nightmares. The Leviathan is a massive ship capable of swallowing entire planets, and it's the perfect scenario for the Guardians to take on new activities. Nightmare Containment is a free public event that all players can access, while Sever and the story missions are only available to those that own the Season Pass. The Season of the Haunted also brings four new seasonal weapons and plenty of cosmetic options that you can unlock, as well as the Solar 3.0 subclass rework.

If you are a seasoned Destiny 2 player, we don't need to recommend you to get The Witch Queen expansion at the best price because it's quite likely that you have it already. If you are wondering how it is possible that Destiny 2 continues to keep the attention of the public after so many years, you should give the game a try for free. Destiny 2 New Light gives you access to all the content released before the Shadowkeep expansion.

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